Through legislation, mandates, authorities, accreditation, and standards, governance reflects the priorities and architecture for nation in relation to emergency management.


Homeland Security Presidential Directives 

Homeland Security Presidential Directives (HSPDs) are issued by the President on matters pertaining to Homeland Security.


Executive Orders

There are several Executive Orders that are related to emergency management.  


Other Directives

Other Federal Agencies or sources release directives that directly impact emergency management.  The following are directives that are relevant.


Federal Plans

The National Response Framework (NRF) presents the guiding principles that enable all response partners to prepare for and provide a unified national response to disasters and emergencies – from the smallest incident to the largest catastrophe. The NRF establishes a comprehensive, national, all-hazards approach to domestic incident response. The NRF and additional resource documents can be downloaded at the NRF Resource Center.


National Strategies

Several National Strategies and associated Implementation Plans have been released that identify and outline how the nation will prepare for and respond to different scenarios.  



The following is legislation related to emergency management:


Other Guidance, policies, or best practices

The following are guidance, policies, or best practices that are related to emergency management:


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